Tri-State One
Traveling with the Tide!
In the fall of 2008 we replaced our trusty utility trailer with a truly unique tailgating fixture for the future.  Our Tri-State One tailgating trailer is a tailgating home on wheels, with all the amenities of home....except, well, restroom facilities!

Developed by Ron Dunnavant during the spring and summer of '08, Tri-State One is a 12' x 6' x 6.5' trailer that supports our food service on one side and our "Tri-State Theater" on the other.

Sporting a 42" LCD high definition television on the theater side, Tri-State One is equipped with satellite television, stereo surround sound, DVD player and music system to keep our group fully informed as to the world of college football happenings.

Behind the dividing wall is a fully equipped kitchen with gas cooking stove, electrical outlets for crock pots and coffee pots,  a microwave oven, serving counter and lots and lots of cabinet space.

Featuring a big red "A" logo for all to see, the interior of the trailer is lit by a 4' flourescent light while the exterior is brightened up with a spotlight on each corner of the trailer.  The lighting makes cleaning up after a night game much easier!

Of course to power all the goodies we need some go juice... so two 2,000 watt generators handle the load. 

On a typical Saturday we serve at least one and mostly two meals to about 40 - 50 people  It's not unusual for pedestrians to stroll up and order a cheeseburger, thinking it's a concession stand. 

So, if you see us sitting on the side of Hackberry and want to take a closer look, come on up... just don't order up a hotdog to go!